Science Syllabus
8th Grade Science Syllabus for 2014-2015
Welcome to 8th grade science! The course is aligned with the North Carolina Essential Standards for 8th grade science. We will cover a variety of topics which are outlined in the quarterly breakdown. Please review the outline, classroom standards, and general class information. If you have any concerns during the year, please contact me by email at I look forward to a wonderful year in science class!
Quarterly Breakdown of Topics
First Nine Weeks
  • Classification of matter as elements, compounds, or mixtures
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Physical and chemical changes and conservation of mass
  • Energy resources - renewable and nonrenewable
  • Environmental implications associated with energy  
Second Nine Weeks
  • Earth History based on fossil records and landforms
  • Relative and radioactive dating
  • The hydrosphere, with emphases on Marine ecosystems and estuaries
  • Water quality in NC
Third Nine Weeks
  • How organisms interact with biotic and abiotic factors
  • Food webs and food chains
  • Agents of disease
  • Biotechnology 
Fourth Nine Weeks
  • Food as an energy source for all organisms
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Biological classification systems
  • Genetic variation and environmental adaptations 
Grading Policy
Quizzes                   25%
Tests & Projects      25%
Homework               25% 
Labs         25%