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Name: Rebecca M. Ivey
Email Address:
Phone number:919-751-7125 (ext. 4828)
Fax number: 919-751-7126

Class Schedule
Period 2A--8th Gr. First Elective--8:02-8:39
Period 3A--8th Gr. Second Elective--8:41-9:17
Period 4A--
7th Gr. First Elective--9:20-9:57
Period 5A--7th Gr. Second Elective--9:59-10:35
Lunch and Planning--10:41-11:38
Period 7A--6th Gr. First Elective--11:41-12:18
Period 8A--6th Gr. Second Elective--12:20-12:56
Period 9A--5th Grade Elective (No class--Administrative assistance)
Period 10A--5th Grade Elective (No class--Administrative assistance)
FLEX TIME--2:17-2:55 (Check in with administration)