Useful Links

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers online lessons through videos. It provides online practice, quizzes, and incentives to students. Need help with homework? No matter what grade you are in, Khan Academy can help. Just type in your grade and the skill you are working on, and you will get the help to get you back on track. This is a FANTASTIC resource that I use with my own child! You will need to sign up; but don't worry, IT IS FREE!  It keeps track of your progress and gives you rewards and incentives.

Social Studies for Kids

Learn about the United States, our world, fun facts, and read about current events. Let me know what you find!

National Geographic Kids

Learn about various animals and their habitats. Which animal interests you the most?

Mr. Nussbaum

Go to this site for Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Learning Games. You will also find online reading passages with comprehension questions.

Math Cats

This site is wonderful Math tool for students of all grades. Check it out!!!

Xtra Math

Get to the head of the class!!! Sign up for this site and challenge yourself to get faster at addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts! Can you beat your last score? Earn a certificate, then bring it to class to receive an award! 

Henry Anker

This website provides practice for reading, math, and grammar. Explore the site to also learn sign language, geography, and keyboarding.