Current Events Reports

Wayne County is very important to us because that is where we are located and we live our lives.  However, there are a lot of events within our state, country, and world that affect our lives.  For this reason, I require students to report on current events.

The primary focus of this assignment is to make my students understand that events, whether they are local or international, affect us in some form or another.  I want my students to know that we are part of a global society where every nation increasingly becomes intertwined with others.  In order to become productive and active citizens, both nationally or internationally, my students need to know what is going on outside their immediate communities.

An article that focuses on a "big picture" event should be used.  Students should choose articles that deal with news about science, politics, technology, US, world, etc.  Articles that will not be accepted are:  Sports, Crime/Police, Obituaries, and Opinion sections.  If you are unsure about the article you have chosen - see Mr. Houser and ask.  It is better to ask and not be allowed to use an article than not ask and receive a zero

Each student will be given a handout with specific requirements and due dates at the beginning of the school year.  If they lose it, it is their responsibility to ask me for a new handout.  

Detailed Instructions:  Current Events Instructions
Report Worksheet:  Current Events Worksheet